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In April 2022, we are going to start Mumukshu Chanting Youtube Channel launching two videos::

Gāyatrī Mantra. Youtube Thumbnail Rosa Ena Campos. Mumukshu Chanting.jpg
Mahā Sudarśana Mula Mantra. Rosa Ena Campos.jpg

१. अ इ उ ण्।

२. ऋ ऌ क्।

३. ए ओ ङ्।

४. ऐ औ च्।

५. ह य व र ट्।

६. ल ण्।

७. ञ म ङ ण न म्।
८. झ भ ञ्।
९ . घ ढ ध ष ।्
१०. ज ब ग ड द श्।
११. ख फ छ ठ थ च ट त व्।

१२. क प य्।

१३. श ष स र्।

१४. ह ल्।

Mumukshu  (Mumukṣu) is a Sanskrit term which means “the one who longs for liberation/ Awakening/ Higher Consciousness/ Ekatvam.” Through chanting the sacred sounds of Sanskrit -- beautifully known as The Language of the Gods -- Mumukshu Chanting Youtube Channel aims to be a reflection of Yoga (union) through Śabda/Shabda (sound) so we can establish oneSelf in Oneness...


In essence, an abode for those of us who long for liberation (Mumukṣu) through the chanting of sacred frequencies.  Hence a place of togetherness to listen and to chant different kind of mantras: Śānti mantras, Vedic mantras, Ślokas, Nāma mantras for different Devatas, Bīja mantras, Chakras' bīja and petals mantras, Sanskrit alphabet and much more. We are going to be uploading two new videos every month. Stay tuned! 


Let’s embark together and cross to the shore of Mokṣa via Śabda Yoga, the Yoga of Sacred Sounds!  

Subscribe, listen & chant, practice & spread the Word.  Enjoy in-joy! Oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

Rosa Ena Campos

Mumukshu Chanting

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