Paperless Haikus




   Poems capture special moments in time and immortalize them by expressing their qualities through beauty. The art of paperless Haikus turns this principle inside out. Instead of reducing life to poetry we seek to elevate poetry into a way of life. When we are fully awake, we can express the qualities of the present moment as a paperless work of art through the harmonious integration of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Paperless Haikus shows you how to awaken the inner Self and hand him or her a paintbrush to transform the canvas of your biography into a dynamic art gallery that would make the goddess Venus clap.

Till nine times twelve he said:

“this empty flute, your body,

i, the musician”

Gayatri Poems


Till the last drop meets the ocean,

From the begin-less beginning

To the end-less end, I await…




      It is the God that resides within us all – our inner voice, which leads us to the Highest Truth. He is what I call our “Inner Vedic Pulse.” In Gayatri Poems, I’ve written a series of 108 gayatris and I invite you to explore the intrinsic beauty of the divine rhythm that gayatri meter is and to compose your own garland. The gayatri meter was used in the Vedas by the sages to give humanity a road map to the Divine. Use your Inner Vedic Pulse to guide you and you will then see clearly what is and what is not in this world of Maya (illusion)!