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    Rosa Ena Campos was born in the lush volcanic Canary Island of Tenerife. She began her musical journey by studying classical clarinet, and later channeled her passion into improvisational singing focusing on Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Indian music. She recorded THE MOON IN ME a CD that interprets Carlos Antonio Jobim classics in her unique versatile style and includes original compositions that fuse scat, konnakol (South Indian vocal percussion syllables) and flamenco.

In April 2022 she launched MUMUKSHU CHANTING YOUTUBE CHANNEL where she chants different types of mantras. 

     Another facet of Rosa Ena’s passion is her love for writing poetry and screenplays. 

       She considers Zen the “Jazz” of spirituality. She practiced Zazen meditation for years and specializes in the art of Haiku, a powerful “improvisational” tool for spiritual integration and Enlightenment. She developed an innovative system to help others transform life into a poetic adventure by living each moment as a “paperless” Haiku. She shares this process in her book PAPERLESS HAIKUS.

    In her book GAYATRI POEMS she has written a series of 108 Gayatris where she invites the reader to explore the intrinsic beauty of the divine rhythm that Gayatri Vedic meter is and to compose their own garland.


     Nutrition makes up the third strand in Rosa Ena’s life. From a young age she began to explore the connection between food and consciousness and soon realized that what goes into the stomach comes out in the mind. She adopted the Macrobiotic lifestyle and spent four years apprenticing under Michio and Aveline Kushi at their home in Boston. During this time she attended Lesley College and graduated with a degree in Holistic Nutrition. 


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